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The Parke County Covered Bridge Festivalâ„¢ on October 11th-20th, 2019

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Escape the rush of the cities; come relax where the pace is a bit slower, where everyone treats you as a neighbor, and nature greets you at every corner.

Group Tours

Parke County Incorporated hosts many groups throughout the year!

We have provided two turn-by-turn driving routes for you to enjoy even if you are in a charter bus. Along with the turn-by-turn directions, history and information about what you are seeing is included as well. Choose the tour and follow your guided path through the beautiful Parke County. Click on the route that you would like to view to view/download the self-guided tour.

2019 Covered Bridge Festival Guided Bus Tours

Coming during the Parke County Covered Bridge Festival? Would you love to see some of the famous covered bridges and small, quaint towns of Parke County without dealing with all of the traffic during this time? We have an option for you!

We offer guided bus tours where you just have to hop on a limo bus (complete with cushioned seats and A/C or Heat, depending on the weather, and enjoy the ride. No navigating or dealing with traffic! We have two different routes to choose from, or take one of each. Each bus tour comes with a tour guide to tell you all about the history of the county, the bridges and towns that you will be seeing, and to answer any of your questions. To find out more about the tours, visit: www.coveredbridgebustours.com Seat reservations begin on August 1st and are $20 per seat. Seats do tend to book up early, so reservations are highly suggested! Walk-up ticket purchases are only available if seats aren't all sold.

Self-Guided - Car Driving Routes

There are 5 color coded driving routes that take you through various parts of the county. Each of these routes are mapped out in our Parke County Brochure. To request a free brochure follow this link: Free Covered Bridge Map

Want a specialized itinerary for your trip? Below are two options pre-made for your visit. (These itineraries are a mix of routes.)

  • North (West Union, Marshall, Rush Creek, Jackson, Wilkins Mill, Cox Ford, Narrows Covered Bridges; Amish area with farms a stores, Marshall Arch, and Turkey Run State Park)
  • South (Crooks, McAllister, Neet, Bridgeton, Thorpe Ford, Roseville, Harry Evans, Mecca Covered Bridges; Bridgeton Mill, 10 O'clock Line, and Rock Run Cafe)

Self-Guided - Bus Driving Routes

  • North (West Union, Jackson, Narrows Covered Bridges; Amish area with farms a stores, Marshall Arch, Jungle Park, and Turkey Run State Park)
  • South (McAllister, Neet, Bridgeton, Thorpe Ford, Roseville, Mecca Covered Bridges; Bridgeton Mill, 10 O'clock Line, and Rock Run Cafe)

Contact us today to customize your visit to Parke County Indiana, The Covered Bridge Capital of the World! We assist in suggestions for lodging, dining, entertainment and recreational activities for you and your visitors.

For more information please contact:
765-569-5226 or email info@coveredbridges.com

Covered Bridges Photo Tour

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  • cb-mansfield.jpg
  • cb-beeson.jpg
  • cb-crooks.jpg
  • cb-wilkins.jpg
  • cb-rushcreek.jpg
  • cb-westunion.jpg
  • cb-harryevans.jpg
  • cb-bowsher.jpg
  • cb-thrope.jpg
  • cb-statesant.jpg
  • cb-bridgeton.jpg
  • cb-melcher.jpg
  • cb-leatherwood.jpg
  • cb-neet.jpg
  • cb-narrows.jpg
  • cb-mecca.jpg
  • cb-millcreek.jpg
  • cb-coxford.jpg
  • cb-philips.jpg
  • cb-nevins.jpg
  • cb-mcallister.jpg
  • cb-conleys.jpg
  • cb-billie-creek.jpg

Parke County Photo Tour

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  • gen-canoe1.jpg
  • gen-antiques.jpg
  • gen-lake1.jpg
  • gen-amish.jpg
  • gen-history4.jpg
  • gen-camp1.jpg
  • gen-fishing.jpg
  • gen-shop1.jpg
  • gen-lake2.jpg
  • gen-history1.jpg
  • gen-civilwar.jpg
  • gen-tours.jpg
  • gen-horseback.jpg
  • gen-canoe3.jpg
  • gen-canoe2.jpg
  • gen-art.jpg
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  • gen-history2.jpg
  • gen-history3.jpg