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Adams Covered Bridge

Builder: Jefferson P. Van Fossen of Frankfort Construction Adams Construction Contractor
Built: 1907
Creek: Little Raccoon Creek
Location: Located one mile north of State Sanatorium and east of Nyesville.
Reference Code: (#2), 14-61-23, 12-61-26, nb, Adams/Washington 2/35-15/16N—7W
Size: 154 ft Long +8’ +8’, 16 ft Wide, 12’ 6
Truss: Burr Arch 1 span
Foundation: Concrete

Repair/Restoration History: Destroyed by flood 1969. Replaced by Jessup Bridge (#15), February, 1970. Bypassed: 1988

Bridge History: Also known as "Ray’s Bridge"

Jessup Bridge destroyed by flood in 1989. It washed under State Sanatorium Bridge and over US 36 concrete bridge at the Plank Road bridge site.

The Adams Bridge was built on the Adams farm and was named for the family. Philip Adams was an Ohio veteran of the War of 1812. He purchased 80 acres in Parke County in 1835. His son Harvey Adams continued farming and by 1893, owned 2300 acres in Parke County. In 1959 Roy Adams owned over 1500 acres. In 1990 the same acreage was owned by Adams Farms, Inc.

Earlier, the crossing had been called Ray’s Ford, named from Mr. Ray’s grist mill, which was located upstream from the ford.

Jefferson P. Van Fossen later constructed the Jessup bridge, in 1910. He was also the contractor in 1910 for the second Roseville Bridge, but the credited builder was J. Brooks or J.J. Daniels. His brother J. Lawrence Van Fossen constructed the Conley’s Ford Covered Bridge, the same year as J.P. Van Fossen built the Adams Bridge.

The construction was awarded to Adams Construction and apparently subcontracted to Frankfort Construction, and J.P.

Van Fossen was the onsite foreman. Frankfort Construction completed the Beeson Bridge, in 1906, the previous year.

Van Fossen bridges are all built in the J.J. Daniels style and have "J.J. Daniels arched portals."

Photo courtesy of Jim Watson.