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The Parke County Covered Bridge Festivalâ„¢ on October 11th-20th, 2019

Driving Route - Black

Driving Route - Black

Driving the Black Route - 33 miles

Leave south side of Depot parking lot, turn right onto High Street. At the stop sign, turn left on Bridgeton Road. Continue south on Bridgeton Road.

OPTION : If you would like to view #12 Crooks Covered Bridge, turn left onto Wimmer Road (Gravel). Turn around at the Covered Bridge and return to Bridgeton Road.

Proceed south on Bridgeton Road. As you are traveling on Bridgeton Road, you will see #11 McAllister Bridge on your left on County Road 400S (Gravel). The route does not turn here, however you can visit the bridge and return to Bridgeton Road, turn to Bridgeton Road, turn left stop sign and continue to the Black Route.

Next you will see #10 Neet Bridge on the left. Stay on Bridgeton Road and you will come into Bridgeton and see #8 Bridgeton Bridge. The Bridgeton Bridge was burned by arson in 2005, and the bridge that you see now was built in 2006.

After crossing the concrete by-pass bridge in Bridgeton, turn left onto Hawkins Road. Turn left onto Mansfield Road. At stop sign at State Road 59, go across into  Mansfield which is Mansfield/Mill Road.

Turn right on Martin Road and go through #5 Mansfield Bridge. Turn right on 775E and then left onto 720S. See #6 Big Rocky Fork Bridge on left. Continue on 720S, then

Turn left onto 1000E.

Turn left onto Ferndale Road.

Turn right onto State Road 59.

Turn left onto New Discovery Road.

Turn right onto Bridgeton Road.

Continue back into Rockville.