Home of Indiana's Largest Festival

The Parke County Covered Bridge Festivalâ„¢ on October 11th-20th, 2019

Driving Route - Blue

Driving Route - Blue

Driving the Blue Route - 36 miles

Leave the north side of the Depot parking lot, turn left on US 36 (Ohio Street). Go one block and turn right on Erie Street. Follow blue arrow signs to stop sign at Erie and Stark Street. Turn right on Stark Street, then left onto Marshall Road.

Proceed on Marshall Road (Marshall Road becomes Main Street in Marshall). At stop sign of Main Street and State Road 236, go straight ahead under the Marshall Arch, staying on Main Street. Main Street will become Marshall Road again.

At stop sign of Marshall Road and State Road 47, go across onto Narrows Road. Follow blue signs to #37 Narrows Bridge. Turn around at Henley Road and return to stop sign at Narrows Road and State Road 47. Turn right onto State Road 47.

Turn right at Cox Ford Road. This will become a gravel road. Proceed to #36 Cox Ford Bridge. Cross bridge, still on Cox Ford Road. Stay on Cox Ford Road to #35 Wilkins Mill Bridge. Cross bridge. At stop sign at US 41, turn right and proceed to County Road 1050N, turn left.

Stay on 1050N. At second cross roads, 1050N and B’dale Road turn left. At this point you will see both blue and yellow route signs. B’dale Road will show two options. Turn left, staying on blacktop on B’dale Road. Stop sign at B’dale Road and 250W, turn right on B’dale Road. Proceed to #28 Jackson Bridge.

Stay on B’dale Road into Bloomingdale. B’dale Road will become Main Street in town. At the “T” go left then right on Broadway. At 4-way stop turn left on Hilltop Road. At stop sign at Hilltop Road and US 41, turn right onto US 41. Proceed south on US 41. You will see   #13 Catlin Bridge on the right at the Parke County Golf Course. Proceed into Rockville to end your tour.