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The Parke County Covered Bridge Festivalâ„¢ on October 11th-20th, 2019

Driving Route - Brown

Driving Route - Brown

Driving the Brown Route - 24 miles

Leave the north side of the Depot parking lot, turn left on US 36 (Ohio Street). At the second stop light by the courthouse turn right on Market Street. Curving to the left, Market Street becomes Howard Avenue. At the stop light, drive across US 41.

Howard Avenue becomes Strawberry Road. Following brown arrow signs, stay on Strawberry Road, you will come to #24 Melcher Bridge. Continue no Strawberry Road to stop sign. Turn left on 600W. At stop sign, turn right on US 36 and go into Montezuma.

Turn on 40N. Continue to stop sign at #23 Sim Smith Bridge. Turn right and drive through Sim Smith Bridge (use caution, this is a blind turn and there may be approaching traffic on bridge).

Continue on 40N, turn right on Arabia Road to #22 Phillips Bridge. Continue through bridge on Arabia Road to stop sign. Turn right on 100S - McAdams Road. Stay on McAdams. As you approach Mecca, McAdams Road becomes Apple Road. At the stop sign, continue straight ahead on Wabash Street to #21 Mecca Bridge. Turn around here and return to the corner of Apple Road and Wabash Street, turning right on Wabash Street (becomes Mecca Road). At this point you will see brown and red arrow signs. Proceed to the stop sign at US 41. Turn left and return to Rockville.