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Greencastle Road Covered Bridge

Built: Before 1863
Builder: Henry Wolf (unconfirmed)
Creek: Little Raccoon Creek
Location: Located 1 1/4 mile southeast of Coxville, 1 mile northeast of Rosedale on abandoned segment of Greencastle Road.
Reference Code: (#41) Florida 23-14N—8W (unconfirmed)

Repair/Restoration History: Repaired by Joseph J. Daniels in 1863. Dismantled by Joseph J. Daniels in 1863.

Bridge History: The first reference encountered for this bridge was an old resident in the 1960’s pointing down the road and saying something to the effect: "That used to be a through road to Coxville. There used to be a covered bridge on it, but l think it washed away before I can remember."

The actual location (or existence) of this bridge still remains in dispute. Parke County maps from 1880 and 1917 show the Greencastle Road crossing Big Raccoon at the same location as the Vandalia Railroad bridge. A 1927 map no longer shows this portion of the road. Other older residents still recall using this road and crossing Big Raccoon Creek at a ford south of Coxville through the 1930’s. Prior to 1880 it is possible that during high water the Big Raccoon Railroad Bridge, was used by pedestrians and horsemen. Today’s topographic maps continue to label the Greencastle Road on both sides of the abandoned segment. County records show that in 1863, Joseph J. Daniels was paid $40 to repair the Greencastle Road Bridge. Later in 1863, J.J. Daniels was contracted to dismantle the Greencastle Road Bridge. He accomplished the task and piled the pieces nearby. The county commissioners considered reconstruction of the bridge in 1865. A location 300 yards upstream "in line with a certain dead oak tree" was considered. Dan Chamberlain’s research indicated that the bridge was never rebuilt and he supposed it rolled where it had been piled. Juliet Snowden, however, believed these records referred to the covered bridge on the Rockville-Greencastle Road, now called the New Discovery Road, and that Joseph J. Daniels rebuilt it in 1867 as the Crooks Bridge.

Joseph J. Daniels was also awarded an $11,450 contract to build the County Poor Farm’s main building in October 1863. The work was completed in June 1865, and the building was used until it burned down in the 1920’s.

Located east of the bridge site and the junction of Big and Little Raccoon creeks, a school house was built in 1839. It was used for both church and school. Jacob Kirkendall organized a predestinarian Baptist congregation in August 1841, and in 1853, built the Liberty Baptist Church across the road. In 1859, the church divided, and in 1863, the Missionary Baptists built the Friendly Grove Baptist Church 1/4 mile southeast from the Liberty Church. The Adams Cemetery, started in 1822, is nearby. Other divisions of the church led to the Big Raccoon Church, about 1926, two miles west, and the Rosedale Baptist Church. Two churches, a school yard and a cemetery are located near the intersection of the Greencastle and Rockville Rosedale Roads.

The rendition is based on the Crooks and Portland Mills Bridges, which have the squared off "Wolf Portal".