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Hollandsburg Covered Bridge

Built: 1872
Builder: Joseph J. Daniels
Creek: Big Raccoon Creek
Location: Located on an older US 36 roadbed south of present route, now covered by Lake Mansfield. Reference Code: (#46) Union 10-15N—6W
Truss: Burr Arch 1 span
Foundation: Hewn stone
Original Cost: $7,000  

Repair/Restoration History: Replaced Union Township Bridge. Torn down about 1930 during US 36 upgrade. Replaced.

Bridge History: The Noble Mill was built on Big Raccoon Creek south of Hollandsburg in 1829 by John Noble. John McGilvery hauled the burrs from Vigo County. The dam was constructed in layers of stone and timber.

John Ceilings built a hewed log house in Hollandsburg in 1855, Abraham Ceilings built a 6’x24’store nearby. The Collings named the town in honor of a Baptist minister from Kentucky, named Holland. Other early businesses and buildings included Harvey Connelly’s blacksmith shop, Robert Daniel’s wagon making shop, William Brackall’s shoe shop, and the 1859 Baptist Church.

Hollandsburg was on the Plank Road between Indianapolis and Montezuma. The planks soon rotted and the road was purchased by the county commissioners, graveled, and made into a free road. The Union Township Bridge was constructed during the Plank Road era, and the replacement Hollandsburg Bridge during the time of the free county road.

The Parke County Commissioners advertised for bids for the Hollandsburg Bridge in early 1872. Bids were opened on April 9, 1872, and included: J.J. Daniels;$7,000, William Blackledge and James Moyers;$7,300. (W.BIackledge and J. Movers also competed with J.J. Daniels for the Mecca Bridge in 1873.

The Baptists held services south of the Bridge.

A youth named Hooker was reportedly shot on this bridge.

In spite of worker intimidation, the bridge was torn down in about 1930 during construction of US Highway 36. A truck load of angry men roared up to workers at the bridge site and made threats. They were angry over the tow wage scale and hiring practices. The Parke County Sheriff deputized a posse of 15 men and stationed them at the jail in Rockville. Two state policemen patrolled the area. U.S. Marshals issued subpoenas to 15 people in Clinton and Montezuma. Although the threats were repeated along the route and in Montezuma, trouble never came.

In the 1960’s preparations were made for the Mansfield Reservoir. Highway 36 was moved, and a new bridge was constructed over the Big Raccoon Creek bed that was also to span the new lake. The Union Township, Holiandsburg, Hargrave, Harbison, and Portland Mills, covered bridge sites were all covered by Lake Mansfield.