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Marshall Covered Bridge (#29)

Marshall Covered Bridge (#29)

Built: 1917
Builder: Joseph A. Britton
Rush Creek
Location: Located 2 1/2 miles southwest of Tangier.
Reference Code:
#29, 14-61 -32, 12-61 -35, rd, Liberty 28-17N—8W Size: 56 ft long +9
Truss: Burr Arch 1 span
Foundation: Concrete

Bridge History: This bridge has nothing to do with the town of Marshall, located many miles away. It may have been named after a local resident, Mahlon Marshall. Mahlon Marshall was a Civil War veteran and was a Parke County Commissioner when the Parke County Courthouse was built. It is more likely that it was named for David W, Marshall who owned the Hill Crest Valley Farm of 132 acres nearby.

The Brazil Division of the C&EI Railroad passed near the bridge. The railroad went bankrupt in 1921, and, the railroad was scrapped out in 1943.

This structure was the next to the last of the J.A. Britton and the Parke County Covered Bridges. J.A. Britton was 80 the year it was constructed.