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McAllister Covered Bridge (#11)

McAllister Covered Bridge (#11)

Built: 1914
Builder: Joseph A. Britton
Creek: Little Raccoon Creek
Location: Located 5 1/2 miles southeast of Rockville, 2 1/2 miles northeast of Catlin. Also on "Red Route"
Reference Code:
#11,14-61 -16, 12-61-17, eu, Adams 28/33-15N—7W
Size: 126 ft long +9’ +9’, 16 ft wide, 14’ clearance
Truss: Burr Arch 1 span
Foundation: Concrete

Bridge History: James D. McAllister, born in 1854, owned the large Fairview Hill Farm near the McAllister Bridge. It is possible to see Neet, McAllister, and Crooks covered bridges at the same time in winter. From a bird’s eye view, Nevins could also be seen.

This bridge was built during the height of J.A. Button’s bridge building career. His sons were providing the bulk of the labor. He was 77 the year McAllister covered bridge was completed.

The bridge has a galvanized steel roof. It has several noticeable repairs reinforced by steel. The abutments are wider than the ends of the bridge which are instead supported with reverse kingposts.

The portal credits include J.M. May, J.L. Linebarger, W.M. Mottern, Commissioners, J. Elder, Auditor, J.H. Rush, Treasurer, H. L. Davies, Engineer, J.A. Britton, Builder, 1914.