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Neet Covered Bridge (#10)

Neet Covered Bridge (#10)

Built: 1904
Builder: Joseph J. Daniels
Creek: Little Raccoon Creek
Location: Located 6 miles southeast of Rockville on Bridgeton Road. Also on "Red Route"
Reference Code: #10, 14-61 -18, 12-61 -19, be, Adams 33-15N—7W
Size: 126’ long +9’ +9’, 16’ wide, 14’ clearance
Truss: Burr Arch 1 span
Foundation: Concrete reinforced with wood pilings

Repair/Restoration History: Repainted 1989 by Rockville Boy Scout Troop 469

Bridge History: Also known as "Dietrich Bridge"

The Neet Bridge was the last covered bridge contracted by J.J.Daniels. He was 78. (He may have been the builder of the Roseville Bridge in 1910, contracted by J.P. Van Fossen.

The bridge was named, for nearby landowners. Enoch Shrigley referred to it as the Joe Neet Bridge. Joseph W. Neet, born in 1862, owned the 176 acres of section 33 in Adams Township. His son was Parke Neet. George M. Neet, born in 1869, rented 20 acres north of the Bridge.

Later, Robert E. Detrich owned part of the section at the bridge through 1959. By 1990 he owned 40 acres a little further from the bridge, although the property is marked as Detrich Tree Farm.

The Central Indiana Railroad route through Bridgeton to a junction east of Rockville passed the Neet Bridge. The elevated railroad bed crossed the Bridgeton Road just north of the bridge. The railroad bridge across Little Raccoon Creek was just upstream from the Neet Bridge and was visible from it in Fall and Winter. Stencils and a note card in the bridge state that the bridge was repainted March 25,1989, by Rockville Boy Scout Troop 469. The note says four gallons of paint was required and the painters included Ted Gahimer, Bruce Girdler, Matt Garrett, and Shawn Taylor.

The portal credits include H. Grode, Engineer, A. Pickett, J.J Daniels Builder, 1904, load limit 8 tons.