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Roaring Creek Covered Bridge

Built: 1863 (unconfirmed)
Builder: Henry Wolf (unconfirmed)
Creek: Roaring Creek
Location: Located at Roaring Creek, now near US 41, east of present highway bridge.
Reference Code: (#45) Penn 32-17N-7W
Size: 40-60 ft long

Repair/Restoration History: Removed in 1923-25 when US 41 was built. Second bridge at this location.

Bridge History: According to an early story about this Roaring Creek Crossing a group of young people set out from Bloomingdale in a wagon to visit Turkey Run in 1863. As they crossed the old open bridge, it collapsed sending all into the water below. A nearby mill dam kept the depth of the water below at six or seven feet. The team of horses drowned, but all of the passengers were saved. The story teller said it was probable that the hoop skirts of the ladies helped keep them afloat.

References to the earlier open bridge and the replacement covered bridge have not been found in the Parke County Commissioners’ records. Information on the associated mill is also very limited. A photograph from 1912 shows a bicyclist at the Roaring Creek Bridge. The bridge appears to be 40 to 60 feet long and has a squared off portal of the Henry Wolf style.

The Roaring Creek Bridge was removed and replaced between 1923 and 1925 as US Highway #41was constructed. The mill dam is still visible from the Highway 41 bridge.