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Union Township Covered Bridge

Built: 1851
Builder: Joseph J. Daniels
Creek: Big Raccoon Creek
Location: Located west of Hollandsburg on old US 36 roadbed.
Reference Code: (#46b) Union 10-15N—6W
Truss: Burr Arch 1 span
Foundation: Stone

Repair/Restoration History: The site is now covered by Lake Mansfield, south of the existing US 36 bridge. Replaced by Hollandsburg Bridge in 1872.

Bridge History: Also known as "Hollandsburg Bridge #1"

Joseph J. Daniels was called to Parke County in 1851 to construct the Union Township Bridge. This was several years before he moved to Rockville. He prepared plans and preliminary estimates for the Clinton Bridge that same year but the contract was awarded to the Bishop family in 1852.

J.J. Daniels constructed the Hargrave Bridge, in 1847. It, the Union Township Bridge, and repairs and modifications to other Plank Road Bridges all occurred before his famous Jackson Bridge, in 1861. Some writers have claimed this bridge was a railroad bridge, based on J.J, Daniels’s activities as a railroad bridge builder at the time. While no photographs exist, it is believed that this bridge looked like the Jackson Bridge, and the Hargrave Bridge of 1847.

This bridge was on the Plank Road route from Montezuma to Indianapolis and was probably built for the owners of the Plank Road-The planks soon rotted and broke, making the road rough and difficult to travel. It was sold to the Parke County Commissioners who converted it to free travel, removed most sections of broken planks, and eventually graveled the surface.